Question Guidelines / Rules

1)  Supply as much information as you have, if this is a textbook question, chances are I do not have the textbook and without the question available to me word for word I might miss important information.

2)  I will not answer questions that deal directly with the manufacture of energetic materials or substances of abuse, sorry but it's easier in terms of my web hosting agreement that way.

3)  Any question submitted becomes mine to modify / rephrase for the purpose of posting on this site since, especially in the case of asking questions from textbooks, the source question is copyrighted and should not be reproduced explicitly.

4)  I reserve the right to answer the question in any order I see fit, or not answer it at all.  No guarantees are made as to the accuracy of the answer.  Many chemistry questions can have more than one answer depending on the conditions presented and everyone makes mistakes.  I may be a professional in the field but take note that this website is also here to help me learn. 

5)  Multiple submissions of the same question will not be tolerated.

6)  Before submitting a question, check the archive to ensure it has not been asked before.