Chlorine Gas In Two-Neck

Chlorine Gas In Two-Neck  2

Castner Cell in Plaster of Paris w/ Heating Coil

Test Tube w/ Precipitate

Ferrate from KOH Electrolysis (note color)

Chlorine Bubbling into Bromide

Beaker on Hotplate w/ Two Phases

Large Castner Cell w/ Molten NaOH

Distilling Nitric Acid under Reduced Pressure

Hydrazine From Urea w/ Ni Catalyst Distillation

Electrolysis of LiCl in DMSO w/ Ni Electrodes

Small piece of burning phosphorus

Well insulated distillation flask in oil bath

Urea oxalate crystals formed by mixing hot aqueous urea with hot aqueous oxalic acid and allowing to cool slowly.

Boiling acid adjacent to solid giving off ammonia, pretty!

Another picture like the one above, a solid steaming next to a liquid steaming.