Experiments in 2005

        2005 has been a productive year despite there being little success in my actual experimental endeavors, I did get to try a lot of things and my experiments continue and likely will even though December, though I always wish that I could have done more.  Enjoy!

January 16, 2005:  Preparation of bromine from sodium bromide, potassium bromate, and sulfuric acid.

March 13, 2005:  Attempt at one pot synthesis of carbon tetrachloride from acetone, calcium hypochlorite, and sodium hypochlorite.  Also a little on my dehazardification of bromine water.

April 16, 2005: Preparation of Cl3CSOCCl3 from DMSO and NaOCl.  Also the action of H2O2 on black H2SO4 decolorizes it.  Failed attempt to get the acid salts of xylene by oxidation of basified H2O2 followed by acidification.

April 29, 2005: Preparation of boric oxide from boric acid by dehydrating with heat.

May 1, 2005:  Preparation of potassium from magnesium and KOH, preparation of magnesium boride from magnesium and boric oxide.

May 5, 2005:  Fun with Fenton's Reagent, analysis of the magnesium boride from May 1st, preparation of hydrazine hydrate by distillation from hydrazine sulfate and aqueous NaOH, preparation of boron powder.

May 8, 2005: Fenton's Reagent continued, more work with hydrazine hydrate distillation.

May 21, 2005:  Another attempt at ethylene carbonate from ethylene glycol and urea with a zinc oxide catalyst, purification will hopefully follow soon.

June 10, 2005:  Assorted attempts at potassium ferrate.  Working with oxalates.

June 11, 2005:  Attempt at potassium ferrate by fusion of KOH with NaNO3 and Fe2O3, also an attempt at melting and electrolyzing the eutectic salt mixture formed between NaCl and CaCl2.

June 12, 2005:  Preparation of a solution of sodium ferrate by reaction of FeCl3 with NaOCl and also the preparation of nickel powder by decomposing the nickel oxalate I made on June 10th.

July 23, 2005:  Photochlorination of tetrachloroethylene.

July 30, 2005:  Attempt at the preparation of formic acid.

August 6, 2005:  Urea Oxalate and urea fused with oxalic acid.

September 3, 2005:  Preparation of an aluminum/nickel alloy, attempt at barium cyanamide, freebasing hydrazine sulfate.

September 6, 2005:  Phosphoric acid via the wet process, heating ammonium phosphate, distilling sulfuric acid.

September 13, 2005:  Heating ammonium phosphate again, plus I bought some impure phosphoric acid, and I test to see how good a copper crucible holds up to it.

October 9, 2005:  Carbon disulfide from carbon and sulfur.

October 30, 2005:  Potassium metal from potassium hydroxide and magnesium with kerosene as a reaction medium.

November 5, 2005:  Attempt at methyl bromide from methanol and sodium bromide in the presence of sulfuric acid for the preparation of t-butyl alcohol via a Grignard reaction (at a later date).

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