Why would you want to donate any money to me?  The internet is already full of moochers so what have I done to deserve your payment?  Hopefully I've answered or more of your questions, or maybe some of the archived questions here was a real help and you want to give something back.  Or maybe you just want to donate some money to a fellow chemist.  Whatever your reason, the link below will bring you to a PayPal page for donations to this website. 

Donations are NOT tax deductible, I have nothing to do with that.  I am not a charity or a non-profit organization.  Money obtained from donations will help pay the bills for this site (which are actually minimal) and also it will help me afford books for my craft.  Some of the books I buy are over $100 each and there are just so many out there that I wish I had.  If you want you can donate your old chemistry books to me as well.

So feel free to donate, support me, and keep things moving along,


Thank you,


The Lonely Chemist

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