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       The purpose of this site is to help others with chemistry and thereby help myself maintain my abilities which would otherwise atrophy from disuse.  Chemistry questions are submitted by the button at the left, and on a daily basis I will go through any questions I get, and to the best of my abilities answer one of them.  I will attempt to make my answer thorough and show all work necessary to complete any problem that may be submitted.  Put another way, this won't be just an answer to your homework questions, but something that will hopefully teach you to understand the subject matter.

       What kind of questions are accepted?  Homework questions from middle school, high school, and college, even graduate school (although it exceeds my own formal education I will give it a shot).  Practical questions as well regarding laboratory work, and more of the hard-science aspect of chemistry are also more than welcome.  Pretty much if it involves chemistry, from the basics to the extreme, from the educational to direct applications, it is a question I can at least attempt to answer. 

       In addition to keeping myself sharp, this site will hopefully one day develop into a repository of information.  Homework, research, and other chemistry questions will be searchable and aid anyone who is unable to find the answers they need with a quick Wiki or Google search. 

       I thank you for visiting my site and I hope you will find some useful information while you are here.

-The Lonely Chemist

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