When I created this site the purpose was of course to answer questions that people ask.  Hence the form available to your left.  But for some reason a number of people are reluctant to click that link and ask me a question. Aside from it being human nature, I know this from my referrer logs.  One look at those and I can see the search strings that brought travelers far and wide to my site on a given day.  What's amazing is how often it's not a string of random key words but actual questions that have been entered into the search engines as if they were expecting someone to have the same problem they are currently having.  Well, from time to time it is a problem that someone has had before, but other times I have to wonder if they ever found an answer.

Hence the creation of this page.  On occasion when I am trying to do something constructive with my time I will go through my referrer logs and find questions that were asked of the search engines but never made their way to me, and I will do my best to answer those questions using the information that I've been given.  I consider it a bit of a challenge and also something for me to do with my time since I get so very few questions through my website any longer.



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